USO of Illinois Welcomes Home the 1644th Transportation Company to Camp Lincoln, Illinois

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On Thursday, April 5th, the USO of Illinois along with over 200 family members and supporters, to include the Patriot Riders welcomed home the 1644th Transportation Company to Camp Lincoln, Illinois. Deployed to Iraq in July of 2011, the 1644th Transportation Co was tasked with the collection, and removal of US gear and equipment to be transported safely to Kuwait where it will be returned back to the states.

Keeping in the American tradition of getting the job done, the 1644th, with all 160+ members safely accomplishing their mission, were sent home early to a most warm welcoming. With a police escort, accompanied by the Patriot Riders, the soldiers of the 1644th were proudly brought back to the arms of their loved ones and received with cheers of thanks from the many supporters in attendance. During a welcome home ceremony, where returning soldiers held their yellow roses given to them by the USO of Illinois staff and volunteers, Major General Dennis Celletti spoke of the efforts from those at home.

Recognizing and thanking employers of the deployed, Celetti mentioned the importance of their commitment to hold the jobs of those who risk so much more than careers to serve over seas. The unmeasurable feeling of security is mutual for both service members and their families when they can resume daily life where they left off. The USO of Illinois was also acknowledged for their continued support of our local heroes, at home and in the desert. Volunteers and staff from the USO of Illinois gathered to welcome home the 1644th Transportation Company with a bounty of snacks, refreshments, well wishes, and of course a yellow rose for admiration, respect, and gratitude for all they have done for us at home.

Welcome back to the 1644th Transportation Company!

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